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Back to School

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Get a Head Start On Your Spring Cleaning

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Keeping the house tidy is a primary concern for many of us. This is why keeping the carpet clean is so important in any household. Having clean carpet should be a homeowner’s goal because it’s important for their family’s health.Here are some simple strategies any homeowner can try to keep their carpet clean. · Try home-made remedies Common household items can be used for regular cleanings. Examples include solutions made with vinegar and water or lemon juice with water for removing stains. Baking soda can be used to remove odors. Sprinkle a thin layer on your carpet and leave it for about ten minutes, then use a vacuum to extract. Removing […]

Are You Listened To

Are You Listened To By Your Service Company? In recent History we (people in our company) keep hearing this line. No one will listen to our concernes.  Last week I recieved an even more blunt statement after arrive on a job “We hire you because your company was the only one to stop and listen to our concerns, gave answers that made perfect sense and made my wife and I feel comfortable,  everyone else was more interested in booking the job” Has this happened to you ? Some Service company just wanting to take your money with out even knowing what you really need ro […]

Green Cleaning

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Green Cleaning What Is Really Green and What Does it Mean to You Carpet an floor cleaning chemicals and services Part one With all the BUZZ flying around about Green Cleaning and green or so called green cleaning products, there has been a ton and a half of miss information so much so I feel compelled to try and straighten some things out for you. First let us separate fact from perception or opinion, just because you read the words GREEN, environmentally friendly, or we use green products does not mean this is so, many products or services that claim […]