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Green Cleaning What Is Really Green and What Does it Mean to You

Carpet an floor cleaning chemicals and services

Part one

With all the BUZZ flying around about Green Cleaning and green or so called green cleaning products, there has been a ton and a half of miss information so much so I feel compelled to try and straighten some things out for you.

First let us separate fact from perception or opinion, just because you read the words GREEN, environmentally friendly, or we use green products does not mean this is so, many products or services that claim to be GREEN are not really a GREEN Cleaning Product or service.

Let me take a step back what does green mean in terms of a product or chemical mean to you, what does it mean to the certifying bodies that control this whole green movement.

This is where things start to get tricky, you see what you think of as a GREEN Cleaning product or Service, what a company uses for chemicals to clean your home or business thinks is A GREEN Cleaning  Chemical, and what certifying agencies standard for GREEN Cleaning Chemicals are can be all together different, even different certifying agencies can have different standards. To add to the confusion even some certifying bodies can say something is green but still have chemical that are harmful in them. WE call this a Marketing Ploy

For some, a GREEN Cleaning product means all natural, others it means safe for the earth, still others it means safe for pets and people, while some have a different view or a combination of the previously mention.

Fact. Not all natural products are safe for anyone or any living thing we hold dear, many natural products or plants are indeed toxic to animals and humans, some are even carcinogens. Remember even though you see all natural on label does not necessarily mean this product is a nontoxic/ green cleaning product. Read the Label if you see Butanal or Other Common names for the same ingredient Butyraldehyde; nButanal; n-Butyl aldehyde; n-Butyraldehyde; Butal; Butaldehyde; Butanaldehyde; Butyl aldehyde; Butyral; Butyric aldehyde; Butyrylaldehyde; n-C3H7CHO;

Aldehyde butyrique; Aldeide butirrica; Butalyde; Butyraldehyd; NCI-C56291;

UN 1129; 1-Butanal; butan-1-al

You have a product that has carcinogens in it. Is that really a GREEN Cleaning Product? Do you want your family exposed to these products?

Read the Label

Whether you are buying a product or having a service provided you should know what is being used in your home or place of business. It is as simple as reading the label. In the case of using a service provider, they are by law required to carry MSDS (material safety data sheets) for any and all chemicals carried in their vehicles.

In Part 2 what Really Green Cleaning Products Are and how to tell


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