Carpet Cleaning Tips Springfield MA

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Carpet is very durable, it has to be, after all, we walk on it sit on I tour children play on it, our pets sleep on it. What happens on top of your carpet is only one part of what is happening to your valued floor covering, the happenings beneath the surfaces can be down right disturbing. Treating most stains you find on your Springfield Ma home is usually quite easy; it is the other things that get trapped in your carpet that may surprise you.

Lets do a test to see how clean our carpet really is, first vacuum your carpet with a new vacuum bag in our vacuum. Then use a high filtration vacuum, repeat this process to see how the amount of debris that was left behind. Finally get our your environmentally friendly spotting cleaner and a towel, dampen the towel with water then apply some of the spotter on it, gently rub the towel on the carpet and see the results. Even after the thorough vacuuming, you will surely see that a just a damp towel will remove even more dirt. All this proves the point that in order to deep clean your carpet, you need to use your local friendly carpet cleaning company as well vacuum often..

Your local friendly carpet cleaning company in Springfield MA will use only people safe, pet friendly, and environmentally sound cleaning detergents in your home.


Tips for Caring for your carpet

  • When spills happen please clean them up quickly, this prevents them from setting in, Your Local Springfield MA Carpet Cleaning Company is friendly enough to provide you with the same professional grade spotter they use.
  • Sometimes out pets can create an unpleasant odor situation in our carpets, We love our pets a lot but it happens, puppies and kittens are usually the main culprit. When you have pets, making sure you have a pet odor remover is a must, you can purchase them in any pet supply store or from your Friendly carpet cleaning company in Springfield MA .
  • If you must do your carpet cleaning yourself, be careful to use as little moisture as possible, over wetting your padding can cause mold and mildew, this will let to a whole new problem you will need to deal with.

It does not matter if you choose to do your own carpet cleaning and rent a machine, or get on your hands and knees to do some spotting, You need to use cleaning agents that will be safe for everyone in your home. Setting up a maintenance plan with your local friendly carpet cleaning company in

Springfield MA is one of the best things you can do for your carpeting to keep it looking like new. It will also keep your carpet warranty valid.

More and more you see companies offer this method or that methods of cleaning, but only the really good ones offer several different methods to clean your home or business.

I would be thrilled to have our company serve your carpet and floor care needs  in any way we can. IF you have questions about your carpet and floor, how to care for them , want to know a good place to purchase please give me a call  413-532-3990  or email me

David  you local friendly carpet and floor care consultant


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