Have Odor Problems? Mr Solutions Can Help

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GingerpostHI It’s Ginger from Hebert’s

Today Mr Solutions Came to the Rescue again

407698_513531255342465_1631909305_nYesterday afternoon he received a call from a very nice lady selling her home
who couldn’t get rid of pet odors even after they cleaned their floors and carpet, it was a issue to potential  buyers.

Luckily the home owner works with a phenomenal realtor
she recommended giving Hebert’s Reliable Cleaning Solutions ( that is a mouth for for a puppy) a call.
After a short conversation, Mr Solutions was able to diagnose the issue and put a temporary fix  on it
Now the house showing could go on today with out the pet odors distracting potential buyers.
We will fix the problems permanently this week.

Have an odor problems you cannot get ride of?
We will sniff out the cause for you, explain what they are
and go though our process with you for fixing your situation
Even on a Sunday if needed.

CALL Mr. Solutions Today @ 413-532-3990

Remember to talk your pets inside frequently during the summer months
for fresh water and cool air

Ginger the Pretty Pretty Princess Puppy


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