Marijuana Odor Removal

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Marijuana Is Now Legal

With the recent legalization of Marijuana AKA Weed, Pot , MaryJane, we have another odor issue in the works, Marijuana Odor Removal, getting the lingering stench out of fabrics.

Ever try to get the leftover marijuana odor from a spilled water pipe or bong?

Removing long standing Pot odors can be a challenge, The truth is that marijuana odors permeates into furniture, carpets, walls, windows, and just about every other nook and cranny in homes, making it particularly difficult to eliminate. We created Weed Eater Eliminator specifically for this problem.
This product can be used as a straight deodorizer, used in cleaning solutions, or even fogged for severe situations.

If you have odor problems we are here to help, we even do Skunk Odor Removal.

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marijuana odor removal

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