Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum

One of the most important things you can do fro your carpet is to vacuum vacuum vacuum,did you know a square foot of carpet can hide over a pound of dirt before you can see it? Once easy tip for vacuuming is to vacuum you carpet by the amount of people in the home, if you have two people in the home vacuum 2X a week have four people in the home vacuum 4X a week and so on. Slow steady back strokes work best, after going north to south go east to west, while this technique may take longer your carpet with look better and last longer.

Does your carpet cleaning company vacuum your carpet before the clean it? Many do not, leaving this very important step out impedes the very reason you called in the first place to clean the carpet. Not vacuuming before cleaning mean all the soils that could have been easily removed while dry now are wet and will take more effort to remove. If the cleaning company is leaving out this first very important step , what else are they not doing?


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