A Familiar Wintertime Story

Your sitting on the sofa , you hear a commotion coming from another room. Thinking nothing of as the children have playmates over you smile and thing this is great they are keeping each other amused. Soon everything gets quite. As any parent know this is the time to worry, no noise more often then not means trouble as struck.  Everything of OK out there you yell down the hall?

  Everything is fine  followed by some laughter comes down the hall back at you . It is this point you know it is best to get up and see just what all this laughter is about.

After peering into the playroom you see the dog has some soft of drink on him. That is not to awful,. A further glance reveals fingernail party going on, that is so cute. When you go further into the play area to find a large kool aid spill  with a bottle of fingernail polish spilled over beside it.

Five kinds of stop removed did not budge the set of stain

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