Removing Oily Soils on Upholstery

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Sofa Cleaning Belchertown

Some times accidents happen in your home

The picture above is from a home  we did recently in Belechertown area. We are were called in to take care of several rooms of very fine furniture where each piece had  soot damaged. With our Multi step process we were able to restore these pieces to pre damaged condition, making the home owner and he insurance company very happy

The first step is to inspect the furniture for any rips tears or other imperfections that we need to be aware of before we start any process, our second  step is to vacuum each piece very slow and thoroughly not doing so can result in a huge mess in following steps  step three  is to mix up an encapsulating detergent and apply it to each surface of every piece of upholstery using  microfiber towels. After this step is completed we move to step four  taking clean cotton towels and wipe down every surface area of the upholstery we cleaned change out the towels frequently. Step five extract each piece of furniture using a special upholstery tool. Our final two steps, once again towel off  all pieces, then inspect everything once again to insure nothing was missed.

Using this system even the most soiled upholstery can be brought back to like new condition in most cases



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