Are You Listened To

Are You Listened To By Your Service Company?

In recent History we (people in our company) keep hearing this line. No one will listen to our concernes.  Last week I recieved an even more blunt statement after arrive on a job “We hire you because your company was the only one to stop and listen to our concerns, gave answers that made perfect sense and made my wife and I feel comfortable,  everyone else was more interested in booking the job”

Has this happened to you ? Some Service company just wanting to take your money with out even knowing what you really need ro what the problem is. How can any problem be solved with out letting our customer talk and show him or her that we are listening by making the appropriate responses, such as suggesting how to solve the problem..  You can rest assure that at Hebert’s we  listen to clients and prospective clients concerns, comments and complaints and do what is needed to ensure we take care of them.

Our Client Rights were created to insure that our staff and clients know how much we care . Number one on our list

√As a Client, you are entitled to be treated like a real, individual, fellow Human Being with friendliness, honesty, and respect.

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