Get Healthy Benefits from Cleaning your Springfield MA Carpets

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Health Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Springfield Ma

Did you know that problems related to breathing, such as snoring or asthma can be directly related to unclean carpet?  A clean carpet has become more of a requirement for good health rather than just a luxury. It’s a matter of your health to get all that trapped dirt out of your family’s carpets floors and upholstery. Vacuuming with a high quality vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter should be done several times weekly; If you have 4 people in the home then 4 times a week is a good gauge on the frequency, you should hire a professional to clean your carpets at least twice a year. This is especially true if you have kids and pets. It’s not just for cleanliness; it’s for your health.

Removing the Pollutants From Your Springfield Home’s Carpeting

There are pollutants (dust mites, pollens, dirt, dander) deep in your carpet that vacuuming alone just can’t remove. To make sure you’re getting the best clean possible, you need a deep steam cleaning, which can remove allergens and bacteria. Bugs can release their droppings into the carpet that can trigger allergies in many people. Dust mites, dirt and other pollutants can be removed through hot water extraction. You could also have particles carried through the air from gases and other substances that could settle into your rugs and carpet and over time, this too can cause breathing problems. Carpet cleaning companies use machines and special detergents designed to remove these health hazards

Do You Have Problems with Humidity

Dampness can be a big issue in humid environments, cellars homes with low air flow summer months, or in the southern states through out the US. These situations can cause mold, which could be huge health concern. Wet weather just makes the problem worse as the trapped moisture creates problems. The mold can settle into the padding under the carpet and spread. The only way to prevent the mold from growing is by ensuring your professional carpet cleaner dries the carpet down as quickly as possible, Moisture needs to be drawn to the surface and dried out so that the problems with health due to mold can be prevented.Your carpet cleaning professional in Springfield Ma should have the equipment to do this.

Dust Mites and Other Particles

Carpet Fibers hides, dust, dust mites and microscopic particles that normal vacuuming will not get rid of. Only the pros have the proper methods to get down deep and rid your carpet of these particles at the fiber level. Dust mites can infest your carpeting  without your ever knowing it and wreak havoc on your breathing and general health. Children are especially vulnerable to these conditions. A professional carpet cleaning is the recommended method for removing dust mites.

Finally, regular carpet cleaning will go a long way to preserving the longevity of your carpet. You invested in your home and the carpet within it, so do all you can to ensure years of pleasure and all the living that will take place on that carpet!

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