How Your Springfield Ma Cleaning Company Will Give You The Most Outstanding Service Ever!

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Since you’re our neighbor, in the Springfield MA area we want to give your first 100 square feet of carpet and 50 square feet of tile cleaning FREE

Dear Springfield MA Neighbor:
I want your business .  So I’m willing to make an incredible offer on cleaning services.

Gas prices and labor rates are higher than ever.  I’m tired of paying my technicians to drive 45 minutes into the next county to do a job.  I’ll do that it takes to earn your business because you are our neighbor in the Grester Springfield Ma  area.  We drive by your house every day.

It all started when I saw a competitor’s van in our neighbor’s driveway.  Normally, this doesn’t bother me, but this competitor was based out in CT.  Why would any of our good neighbors use a company from another community?  I know you would rather support a neighborhood company and be able to visit our actual shop where you can get unlimited FREE refills on spot remover. So, the only answer I could come up with is PRICE.  That yellow truck in my neighbor’s driveway advertises 5 rooms of carpet cleaned for $99.  “How can I let them know we do a better job and service them more efficiently?” I said.  Then, I considered lowering our prices.  After crunching some numbers I figured a way to cut expenses so our prices could beat our competitors.

Most Companies charge you cheap prices:

No background checks and drug testing on employees in your home–that’s scary

    • The cheapest cleaning agents are purchased that often cause damage and rapid re-soiling
    • No liability insurance so you will be liable for their mistakes
    • No workman’s compensation so their employees can sue you if they get hurt
    • Book more jobs in a day so no more than 45 minutes are spent cleaning your home
    • Give employees a one-day training crash course and NO further technical training
    • Hire technicians for $9 an hour and hope they care enough to do a good job–yeah, right!

    Our Springfield MA Clients have already tried the cheap guys in town

    That’s why they’ve come to us.  They’re tired of cleaning companies that show up late, look like they just got out of jail, do a poor job, and won’t come back to fix their mistakes.

    • After thinking it over for a moment, I concluded there was no way I could do this to my neighbors or my current clients.  I’ve spent too much time and effort building a quality cleaning company to let it all go to waste. So, “How can I prove our outstanding reputation, education, experience, and cleaning system, and guarantee is better than our competitors and well worth the cost?”The Best Special Offer of the Year: For two weeks only, we offer to clean your first 100 square feet of carpet and first 50 square feet of tile or vinyl floor FREE.  This will NOT be a continuous offer and is available only to homeowners in the Greater Springfield Ma area.  In two weeks it will be over.  Of course, we may still have special neighborhood offers that we send out every so often, but it won’t be as good as this.

       Just call us at 413-650-1324 and ask for “Special Neighbor” promotion to get 100 square feet of FREE carpet cleaning and 50 square feet of FREE tile or vinyl cleaning.

      Why would any sane business owner do this ?  First, I really want to show you how our service is better than our competitors.  Second, we are close to your house. Chances are we go buy hour home every day You’re our neighbor, the costs of driving time and fuel is reduced greatly.  Third, I know once you use us, we know you won’t want to use any other cleaning company again even if we charge a few dollars more.  I’ll even throw in a FREE 32 Once Bottle Of Spotter. They same one we use to remove spots from 100’s of Local Homes Every Day.

      Give us a try. You have nothing to loose

      Call 413-650-1324  today to set an appointment.  This offer absolutely expires on April 20th 2014, as our busy season is right around the corner.  Call today, our appointments will book up fast.



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