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How TO Easily Remove Pet Stains

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4 Do-it-Yourself Pet Stain Removal Steps 1.  Do it NOW. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove.   It isn’t always convenient to clean up a pet stain, but the problem will be greatly reduced the quicker you act.  The stain could be permanent in just a few hours, especially with light colored carpet and rugs. 2.  Use the right equipment. Use a small, hand-held carpet spotting machine or wet vacuum to extract urine, vomit, or feces.  If you find the stain while still damp, you MUST extract the liquid BEFORE rinsing or using spot remover.  Popular […]

Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum

One of the most important things you can do fro your carpet is to vacuum vacuum vacuum,did you know a square foot of carpet can hide over a pound of dirt before you can see it? Once easy tip for vacuuming is to vacuum you carpet by the amount of people in the home, if you have two people in the home vacuum 2X a week have four people in the home vacuum 4X a week and so on. Slow steady back strokes work best, after going north to south go east to west, while this technique may take longer […]

Beware Of UnReputable Companies

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It happens more then we care to think, you hire a company to do a job only to find out too late they are not who they say they are. Here is a tip from the BBB So how do you protect yourself? The BBB says ask for references. If you get a quote over the phone and it doesn’t match the price they want to charge you when they show up at your house, find out why and get it resolved before they do any work.And, ask if the company does background checks on its employees before you let […]

Removing Oily Soils on Upholstery

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Some times accidents happen in your home The picture above is from a home  we did recently in Belechertown area. We are were called in to take care of several rooms of very fine furniture where each piece had  soot damaged. With our Multi step process we were able to restore these pieces to pre damaged condition, making the home owner and he insurance company very happy The first step is to inspect the furniture for any rips tears or other imperfections that we need to be aware of before we start any process, our second  step is to vacuum […]

A Familiar Wintertime Story

Your sitting on the sofa , you hear a commotion coming from another room. Thinking nothing of as the children have playmates over you smile and thing this is great they are keeping each other amused. Soon everything gets quite. As any parent know this is the time to worry, no noise more often then not means trouble as struck.  Everything of OK out there you yell down the hall?   Everything is fine  followed by some laughter comes down the hall back at you . It is this point you know it is best to get up and see […]

How To Find a Good Contractor

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Sometimes other people can say it just a well or better, today is one of those times This comes from the Mc Carthy Reality Group Are you considering a large-scale home remodel?  Whether you are looking for a project intended to increase your home’s value, or you’re splurging on a pleasure project for your family, many of you will be turning to contractors to carry out the work that needs to be done.  However, not all contractors are equal.  It is important for you to outline your priorities for the project.  You’ll want a reliable contractor that can perform satisfactory […]

Are You Listened To

Are You Listened To By Your Service Company? In recent History we (people in our company) keep hearing this line. No one will listen to our concernes.  Last week I recieved an even more blunt statement after arrive on a job “We hire you because your company was the only one to stop and listen to our concerns, gave answers that made perfect sense and made my wife and I feel comfortable,  everyone else was more interested in booking the job” Has this happened to you ? Some Service company just wanting to take your money with out even knowing what you really need ro […]

Green Cleaning

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Green Cleaning What Is Really Green and What Does it Mean to You Carpet an floor cleaning chemicals and services Part one With all the BUZZ flying around about Green Cleaning and green or so called green cleaning products, there has been a ton and a half of miss information so much so I feel compelled to try and straighten some things out for you. First let us separate fact from perception or opinion, just because you read the words GREEN, environmentally friendly, or we use green products does not mean this is so, many products or services that claim […]